The Old Gold Principal Performers:

Charles Welch
Katy Taylor
Hugh Sturgill

Producers Note: Charles Welch, Katy Taylor and I have selected a pocket full of our favorite songs from the Golden Era of song writing. The period of 1920 thru 1960 harvested enormous benefits from the introduction and development of radio and electronic concert sound reinforcement. The ability to hear “natural voice” performance at home or in concert created an explosion of great compositions and legendary performers. Unfortunately most of today’s music does not resonate well enough to sell recordings or tickets to those of us that have more history than future! Fresh arrangements of yesterday’s winners when delivered with skill and good taste are preferable to most folks north of 50 years of age.

Radio rule #1 is never play anything that will cause the average Joe to turn the dial: and that is also applicable to concert work. Success in the entertainment field rests on three factors:

  • Positive Recognition
  • Ticket selling strength
  • Consistent ability to connect with an audience

Our new show is built around a review of some of the best songs from this 40-year period of vintage tunes and when packaged with a few additional pickers the variety of the set list has made performing fun again for all concerned.

– Hugh Sturgill